21 Oct 2016
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Summer Camp "Claws"

The Kids Club - Fun Languages ​​promotes regular holiday camps in partnership with the  Maritimo College and Maritimo Centenary Foundation, the “Garras” Camp with various issues at Easter, Summer and September.

 Promote yourself with fun and educational activities for children and young people between 6 and 13 years in their school holiday periods, fulfilling a social function complementarity with school and family reality.


The main goal is to provide more young people the opportunity to develop a set of activities that go beyond the scope of sports, so the “Garras” Camp will include learning activities, such as Computers, Science, Art and English .


Besides these, there are usually activities of a cultural nature such as Theatre, Music and Dance - incorporating a wide range of initiatives offered by the Camp.


Since contact with nature and outputs are fundamental, it will surely guaranteed lots of entertainment and adventure.


The images and activities of previous editions can be found on Campo Garras’ Facebook.



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